Karalynee Call and Instructors


Hold breath under water
Get around the pool by holding on to the side of the pool
Pull oneself out of the pool in the deep end using the side of the pool
Kick legs alone submarine
Swing arms and kick legs simultaneously
Freestyle with a breath
Swim to a wall when pushed in
Swim width of the pool
Jump off the side of the pool and swim to the wall
Jump off the diving board and swim to the wall
Floating with assistance
Tread Swim under water for rings


Take a sideways breath with freestyle
Dive off of the side of the pool
Dive off the diving board
Dive off the diving board and swim to opposite end of the pool
Tread and float
Swim under water and pick up rings by themselves
Backstroke kick
Elementary backstroke

Advanced Swimmer:

Racing Dive
Jump Dive
Breaststroke with breath
Dive and swim under water for rings in deep end
Flip turn under water
Butterfly stroke
Butterfly with breath
Swim 4 -6 consecutive laps with 4-6 different strokes
Swim team prep
Lifesaving jump
Lifesaving dives
Lifesaving rescues
Lifesaving skills

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